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Start Your Wedding Day Stress-Free By Doing THIS...

Start Your Wedding Day Stress-Free By Doing THIS...

Delegate someone to be in complete control of your phone.


I mean it. Don't even look at that dang thing! Worried you can't handle it? Have no fear, sweet bride. The morning of your wedding will be filled with makeup brushes, bottles of hairspray, coffee, your best girlfriends, a few jitters, a lot of laughs and hopefully a couple mimosas. 

You're not going to miss your phone.

Who do you crown with this honorable duty?

1 - Someone you trust.
2 - Someone who has a solid understanding of how you want things to go that day. (Be sure to brief them before the wedding day.)
3 - Someone who is a good decision maker and not afraid to tell people what to do.


Boom. Done. It is so easy to anxiously check your phone every 2 minutes and get caught up in whatever is on that screen. Trust me when I say you will experience less stress if someone else is handling your calls. People will be calling your phone with last minute questions and you shouldn't be the one worrying about it. Play the bride card here.


If there's something that truly needs your attention, your delegated phone queen will bring it up to you. Everything else? She's got it covered. Meanwhile, your photographer will be documenting your beautiful, stress-free bridal glow. 

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