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Do THIS to Get Great Speech Photos at Your Reception

Do THIS to Get Great Speech Photos at Your Reception

This one simple detail may help your photographer out a ton.

I want to point out, this certainly won't make or break your photos but it may be something you'd like to consider. I strongly advise communicating with your photographer about doing this before the day of the wedding, but we'll get to that in a minute.


Reserve a seat for your photographer near the head table.

That's it.

Make a simple little name card or whatever you're doing for your other guests at the reserved table so it fits in and let your photographer know they have that seat available to them. Personally, I think even if you have two photographers at your wedding one chair will be enough. This seat isn't necessarily for them to eat dinner at, but it will ensure they have a "station" near the action during the toasts. They don't have to be planted there the whole time, it simply gives them space to be closer without being in anyone's way.

The reason you need to talk to your photographer about it before your wedding is they may not find it necessary, especially if they have a certain way they go about reception photos that doesn't call for them to be that close. Everyone works differently so get a feel for what your phtoographer would prefer. The venue may also factor into whether or not they think they need a space close to the head table.

Personally, if possible, I like to scan for a seat near the head table where I can sit so as to not be in the way but still get photos close up. It also gives me the vantage point the guests have while watching the toasts go down which I think is a great angle to get some nice photos. The other reason I like to do that is so I can turn back towards the crowd and get shots of the parents, grandparents and other people watching the speeches without standing in front and drawing attention away from the person talking. I do move around a bit for different vantage points, it's just nice to have that home base sometimes.

As a sidenote, I would never ask a couple to reserve me a seat near the front. I don't expect people to plan their wedding around me. This is something that should be completely up to you! I'm just throwing it out there as an idea you might like to try.

Like I said, this certainly does NOT make or break how the photos turn out. Remember, talk to your photographer about if this will be helpful to them.

(See what I did there?!)

Embrace All The Emotions

Embrace All The Emotions

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