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Sneak Away For Photos During Your Reception!

Sneak Away For Photos During Your Reception!


Ok, this is only if you can swing it and you've talked to your photographer about the possibility. Some timelines / circumstances just don't allow for this to happen BUT if you can sneak away for even 10 minutes, it'll be oh so worth it


News flash: Your wedding is a big deal. There will be nerves throughout the day and trust me when I say the hours are going to fly by. Even if you're doing a first look before the ceremony and getting couple only photos at that point in time, you still have the thought in the back of your brain that you are going to be getting married in the blink of an eye. AHHH! SO, if you can slip away for a few moments during your reception you'll reap these benefits:

1. You're MARRIED! The pressure is off. You've probably had a couple drinks by now and can finally and totally relax.

2. Depending on the timeline of the day, the lighting could possibly be best during your reception. This point is especially important if you're having an indoor reception.  

3. More photos of you as a couple! Let's be honest, these are probably the ones you'll print more of and share all over social media. You're going to be so glad you have even a few more frames of just the two of you. I promise.

4. You can breathe. Not that you haven't been breathing all day (maybe you haven't) but stepping away from the crowd for a few minutes gives you a chance to take everything in. You can sneak into a quieter environment and just be with your love. The craziest part (to me) of your own wedding is that you literally know almost everyone surrounding you. You will talk to so many people your voice will go hoarse. Take a quick break from it all and whisper sweet nothings to your new spouse + get some amazing photos.


Sounds pretty good, huh?

Don't be shy about letting your photographer know this is something you may be interested in! To recap, get married, have a drink, go outside, take a breath, relax, whisper sweet nothings and be the subject beautiful photographs!  

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