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The Heart of the Bride

The Heart of the Bride

Wedding details are beautiful and fun to think about and bring to life. But a wedding is only ever going to be an outward celebration of something much more important than those centerpieces.


This year I've been gifting my brides this guided journal by my friend Sharon over at The Bare Bride.

I think it's a powerful resource for brides because it asks them meaningful questions and prompts them to focus on ideas that have nothing to do with their wedding colors or other outward elements of a wedding. ⠀


⌁ Even more important than the proposal itself are the reasons why you said 'YES'. List your reasons below.⠀

⌁ Release Your Heavy Heart: Which parts of your engagement have been the hardest for you thus far? What's been weighing you down? Which things make your heart ache? Scribble your heart out. No list. No structure. Just release.⠀

⌁ Own Your Body: Your body is so much more than a figure to fit a dress silhouette and look good in a photograph. Write a Thank You Letter to your body below. Thank your arms for giving you the capacity to hold, the lines around your mouth for displaying that laughter is no stranger to you. Thank your body for being yours.⠀

⌁ Being a bride means making a big commitment, making big decisions, and making some big magic in a short amount of time. All of those things require a lot of courage along the way. Write about a specific moment that you had to be a brave bride.⠀

If you're one of my brides, I hope you've enjoyed your journal! If you or someone you know needs this, hop on over to The Bare Bride and grab one! TREAT YO SELF. It's so worth it!

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