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Don't Get Caught Up With Your Wedding "Style"

Don't Get Caught Up With Your Wedding "Style"

It's been a long day. Finally you have some time to yourself. You sit down with your laptop, pen, notepad, a zillion wedding ideas that have swirled through your mind all day and (perhaps most importantly) a glass of wine. You automatically type that familiar letter "p" and "" instantly autofills.

Your home page is filled with ALL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS IN THE WORLD. You furiously pin, pin, pin away. Flowers. Hair styles. Dresses. Invitation designs. Oh my. 

You eventually decide to check out your masterpiece, your glorious wedding board. It's filled with gorgeous images that showcase everything you want your wedding to be. 

Except, now there's a problem

At first, you were sure you wanted gold bridesmaid dresses. And they were definitely going to have bouquets full of greenery and succulents. But now you've found red dresses that they would just look stunning in. Ok, so now you'll just have to change your wedding colors. Well, but then they'll have to have different flowers. Which means you need to change your bouquet. Which means the original neckline you wanted your dress to have will have to change. AND NOW ALL YOUR OLD IDEAS ARE TRASH. You loved the ideas before but now you're just not too sure. What if it's too trendy? Not trendy enough? What if everyone at the wedding hates it? What if it ruins all the photos?

You decide to sleep on it.

You wake up, go to work, come home, (now go back to the topand start reading from the beginning again.)

I'm here to tell you, STOP!

Take a breath.

I get it. Your wedding is the biggest deal in your life and you'll have pictures of it forever. I know. I'm a wedding photographer. And I planned my own wedding.

Of course you're going to flip flop on ideas. You'll find new ideas you love and you'll adapt other ideas to fit your budget, timeline, etc. But when it comes to the "style" of it all, don't freak yourself out.

My advice? If you love it now, go for it.

Maybe you'll hate those red dresses in two years, but you know what? You're into them now. They reflect your style and where you are at this special time in your life... now. Don't put extra pressure on yourself just because you know in a year from now (or heck, in a month) you'd pick something different.

Planning your wedding is stressful enough without the details tearing you apart. Centerpieces, color palettes and dress styles are fun to think about - I totally nerded out on all that stuff while planning our wedding! BUT, as my friend Sharon from The Bare Bride said, "It won't be your centerpieces that are holding your marriage together 10 years down the road."


( M I C   D R O P   A M I R I T E ? )

Take time to plan your perfect wedding, just don't get too caught up in the little things. Remember that you're engaged and in a season of life where you are preparing to marry that hunk of a guy you get to call "Fiancé." Now that's something to get caught up in!

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