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My "Dream Client"

My "Dream Client"

Wedding Photography - How to find your dream clients

These two have basically been my poster child... er, poster children... ever since we met. I've plastered their photos all over my website and marketing materials so you've probably seen this photos somewhere if you've been following me for any amount of time. They are the perfect example of my "dream client."⠀

My dream clients don't look a certain way, dress a certain way or decorate their wedding a certain way. ⠀

My dream clients come to me excited about their wedding because it will be a day they get to celebrate with each other and spend quality time with their closest friends and family. They are drawn to my photos and the way I capture the big things, the little things, the loved ones. ⠀

My dream clients and I make a connection and feel like FRIENDS which is so important to me! ⠀

My dream clients are the people who know they can sit back and enjoy their wedding day and trust that I will get the shots they'll love. ⠀

All those feelings were mutual between Jed, Becca and I. Becca said it best herself:

“My favorite part about working with Kaylie: ALL. THE. THINGS. Jed and I feel like we gained a friend through the process of having Kaylie as our photographer. We have stunning photos of our wedding day to keep forever as well as a new friend! She is so easy going, informative, genuine. I cannot say enough positive things about Kaylie as a person and as a professional.”

I love each and every one of my client-friends. To everyone who has and will trust me photographing their wedding, THANK YOU! ❤️ You make my job so dreamy!

Four Years

Four Years