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What to Wear for Engagement Photos

What to Wear for Engagement Photos


My biggest advice (this is going to seem super obvious) is to wear something you feel really great in. Simple as that! If a piece you have on doesn't fit well or is uncomfortable (that includes your bra, ladies!), you may become fidgety or not feel like you're on your A-game. Look good, feel good. It's a real thing.

Most of my clients have 2–3 total outfits. You can have more or less, just keep in mind we'll need to take a few minutes for changing. 

Don't get too matchy-matchy. That can get real Awkward Family Photo real quick. Instead, wear things that compliment each other. If you're wearing a bold pattern, he can wear something more solid or simple. 

Have fun with layers. Layers are great because you can easily have a new "look" just by adding or removing a jacket, scarf, vest, hat, jewelry, etc. 

Keep it timeless. The best ways, in my opinion, to do this is to stick to more neutral colors (black, white, earthy tones) and stay away from things with large words or logos. 

Something flowy is always pretty - think movement. I'm always having the ladies on my shoots play with their skirts or make their dresses move by twirling around. 

I'd recommend saving your favorite outfits for last. By then, you'll be super comfortable in front of the camera and I'll be clicking away. Plus the lighting gets really good towards the end of a sunset session.

Remember, wear something that's totally YOU and that you are confident in. You're gonna look amazing!

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